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Braun Strowman thinks ‘the days of faces and heels are coming to an end’

While talking to CBS Sports about his ongoing feud with Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman dropped this mildly warm take:

"That has been brought up before, and I feel like the days of faces and heels are coming to an end. We are two superstars. We are just megastars going out there and doing what we do which is entertaining. It doesn't matter who you love or who you want to cheer for; at the end of the match, you are on your feet, you are going crazy, you have lost your voice, and we did our job."

Perhaps he’s right, and the days of character alignment are in the past. If so, can pro wrestling survive simply on its merit as a form of entertainment as opposed to promotion’s creating stars and drawing money based on feuds those stars are involved in, which, by their very nature, require character alignment?

That gets down to a fundamental question: are you buying a ticket to see a good match for the sake of a good match or are you buying a ticket to see a wrestler you like (or dislike)?

Perhaps the reality, then, is not that the days of faces and heels are coming to an end but rather the presentation of the wrestlers is changing. The way the Braun Strowman character is written does not make it explicitly clear that he’s a good guy or a bad guy — he simply is who he is, with his own unique set of motivations, and you, the fan, can choose to cheer him or boo him to your tastes. The same goes for Roman Reigns.

The biggest question of all: Is that a good thing?

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