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Asuka is talking about a main roster call up after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 3


Asuka is just days away from reaching 500 straight days as NXT women’s champion, and just one week away from defending said title against Ember Moon at the TakeOver: Brooklyn III event. There really isn’t much left for her to do there, but rumors of a main roster call up have been sparse.

In an interview with Newsweek she put it out herself:

“I’m going to go to TakeOver and beat Ember Moon and keep my title. Then I will probably go to Raw or SmackDown and get another title.”

There’s an argument to be made that WWE should absolutely go that route. The idea would be to keep her special, and keep the streak alive, to kick off her main roster run. That is, of course, if the plan is to bring up her eventually.

In the very same interview, she backed off her comments a bit:

“Of course I want to go to Raw or SmackDown, that’s one of the reasons I joined WWE. But I think there’s an appropriate timing...I’ll go when it’s the right time.”

Is her time now?

I’ll let you decide, Cagesiders.

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