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Baron Corbin made John Cena mad enough to post a non-cryptic Instagram photo

John Cena has a weird sense of humor, and nowhere is that more on display than his Instagram account.

Earlier this year, the 16 time World champ caused a bit of a stir when he posted images of New Japan star Kenny Omega while the Bullet Club leader was on a break following Wrestle Kingdom 11 - and that bit of trolling was one of the more straight forward bits Cena’s ever done on Instagram.

The account is so weird he even did an anti-comedy skit about it while hosting SNL in late 2016.

So it’s noteworthy that Cena came out with this to continue his SummerSlam feud with Baron Corbin:

A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

It’s a follow-up from a slam Cena delivered on the Aug. 8 SmackDown where he was inspired by a fan sign to call The Lone Wolf a “skinny-fat loud mouth overrated dumpster fire”, and builds off an exchange Corbin had with his fiancee on Twitter after that segment:

Cena’s gotten really good at injecting real-life animosity, or the appearance of such, into his feuds of late. It was most apparent in the WrestleMania program with The Miz, but it was there for his work with Dean Ambrose last year, too. Trying to replicate that trick for a match he and Corbin only have a couple weeks to build to is a smart play.

One he thought was worth breaking his streak of bizarre Instagram posts.

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