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Nikki Bella really hopes Vince McMahon shows up to her wedding

As she often does on the Bella Twins YouTube channel, Nikki Bella answered fan questions for some easy content. That’s what you see in the video above and it’s the usual fluff, but the first question gives us the most interesting answer. When asked what WWE stars she’ll be inviting to her wedding she names John Cena, the dude she’s marrying, because this wouldn’t be a Bella Twins video without something to make you shake your head and laugh.

But she also says “I really hope that Vince McMahon comes. I think that would be awesome.”

That would be awesome.

Let’s hope he takes time out of his busy schedule running WWE to show up at the wedding just for the photo ops. Imagine Nikki and John exchanging vows with a grinning Vince in the background.

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