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The behind-the-scenes story of Fashion Files making it on SmackDown Live

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Fandango and Tyler Breeze were the guests on the latest episode of "Talk is Jericho," and they told the story of how they started the Fashion Police gimmick, how they got Fashion Files on television, and a whole lot more.

It starts with Fandango getting injured and the two being unclear on how long he would be out. Breeze was asked by a writer to come up with ideas, so he did. They landed on this.

Breeze: So we have, which some guys utilize and some guys don't utilize but you really kind of have carte blanche on there. You can go on there and do whatever you want.

Dango: And that's a good thing, and that's a good point for Breeze. I would get frustrated after working with you and kind of not doing things. Instead of just sitting in the back bitching about not being on TV, Breeze being proactive kind of... 'dude, let's shoot some promos.' Dot com, they'll do whatever you want. To not take advantage of that -- and that was on me. Sometimes people just sit around. 'Oh, I'm not on TV.' You know what, if you're not on TV do something about it. I hate that shit, you know?


Breeze: It's weird, it's very easy to fall into where it's like you're entitled. It's like 'they can come up with something for me and if they don't, fuck them, man.'

Dango: I was guilty of doing that myself, having the boo-boo face. I wish I could go back and have the mindset that I have now back then. So instead of sitting around being bitter... dude, there's these cameras and Breeze and I get together and we just start shooting promos because what do we got to lose? And it was fun and we're doing on the fly promos about being sexy cops, remember that?

Breeze: We came up with like 'Saturday Night Live' skits. Like 'hey, let's not even worry about wrestling.' It was when Dango was out, okay, I'm looking for Dango. Well, obviously if I'm looking for him I'm gonna be a cop, I'm a detective figuring out what's happening. So I'm looking for him and then he's back the next week. So then all of a sudden I'm looking for him, I'm desperate for him, and he just goes 'hey, man, I been around.' And I go 'oh, thank god you're okay!' Now all of a sudden I'm in the dumps, I need to be cheered up. Who's there? All of a sudden the curtains open and Dango's found his own cop outfit. And now all of a sudden I go 'I'm getting mine dude, I'm gonna go get mine!' So now just kind of keep rolling.

Dango: We just keep shooting the dot coms and then eventually...

Breeze: People saw them. They liked them and were like 'why isn't this on SmackDown?'

Dango: They liked them. Yeah, the writers liked them and they were like 'why don't we throw these on SmackDown?' Then we just started... so that's a great lesson for everybody and myself is if you don't like where you're at in life or wrestling just do something about it. I'm not pointing the finger and saying I didn't do it myself, sit around, but it kind of irritates me now that people that aren't on TV... and who has ever tweeted being bitter about not being booked and then looking at it and go 'you know what, they're upset they're not on TV, we better put 'em on!'

Breeze goes on to mention that they were helped along in a big way by The Miz, John Cena, and Nikki Bella, who all decided on their own that they loved Breezango and wanted to do some work with them on television. So they did and it went over huge, helping them along on their path to what they've become.

Fandango mentioned that it was Road Dogg who helped them the most, simply by reminding them to be patient and stick with what they were doing.

Let's be thankful they did.

By the way, the easter egg that is the board filled with inside jokes during Fashion Files episodes is not their own creation. They walk in to film the segment and see all the new jokes and laugh at them right along with us.

Listen to the full podcast yourself. It’s worth the time:

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