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Darren Young reportedly cleared to return to the ring

Former WWE tag champ Darren Young suffered a pretty gruesome-looking elbow injury back in January, and underwent surgery to repair the damage. While rehabbing from that, he also worked to get in overall peak physical condition - and we may be about to see the fruits of his labor.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Young met with the WWE medical team this week and was cleared for a return to action. The site says he could be back in the ring by as early as next week.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should start working on your “No Days Off” signage if you’re going to Raw in Boston next Monday. Darren is still listed as a red brand Superstar, but as we’ve seen with guys and gals coming off the proverbial disabled list before, it’s far more likely he’ll work the house show circuit for a while before we see him on USA Network.

The “Make Darren Young Great Again” gimmick he was working with Hall of Famer Bob Backlund when he got hurt wasn’t exactly a huge hit, so Creative will likely want to evaluate how and when to relaunch him. Considering he’s coming back in the midst of the big SummerSlam angles, it might be a while before they find time to figure that out.

Still, getting the green light (sorry for those WrestleMania flashbacks, Cagesiders) to work matches is a big step after a major injury, so this is definitely very good news for Young.

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