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Matt Hardy tells the WWE Universe #BROKEN is ‘happening’

As Michael Corleone once said, “Just when I thought I was out...”

We’re not even a week removed from Anthem/GFW President Ed Nordholm saying he was done negotiating with the Hardyz over rights to the “Broken” gimmick, with Nordholm emphatically stating his company owns the intellectual property.

Maybe he wasn’t being completely honest, or maybe being turned down for some trademarks related to the act changed the legal landscape. Maybe the brothers have tweaked their act to get around the IP clause in their old contracts (#TRIGGERED Hardys?), or maybe Matt Hardy is just teasing us again.

Whatever the reason, in this Raw Fallout video, Matt and Jeff are both acting (to varying degrees) like the characters they portrayed on Impact Wrestling last year. And the elder Hardy’s Tweet promoting the clip flat out declares #BROKEN is “HAPPENING”:

Are you still in?

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