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WWE Great Balls of Fire results: Brock Lesnar pins a game Samoa Joe to retain Universal title

The main event of tonight’s (Sun., July 9, 2017) WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view (PPV) at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas featured Brock Lesnar putting his Universal championship on the line against Samoa Joe.

Joe, as he promised he would be, was all over Lesnar early.

Before the match even got underway, while Paul Heyman was introducing the champ, Joe attacked from behind, took it to the outside, and slammed Brock through the ringside table.

When they got back in and started the match, Joe was all over Brock once more. He came with knees and kicks and short jabs. Lesnar made a comeback but Joe weathered it and stayed on the offensive. Another Brock comeback shortly after also failed and Joe even managed to lock in the Coquina Clutch.

But he broke away, driving Joe into the ring post. Once he did, Joe was left open for the German suplex. He managed to survive even that, using a low blow the referee didn’t see to go back on the offensive. He couldn’t get a pin, though, and Lesnar broke yet another Coquina Clutch.

That’s when he went to work like the Brock we’re used to, with a few German suplexes that signified the end. Then he picked Joe up for the F-5 but Joe slipped off and AGAIN locked in the Coquina Clutch. Was this the time?


He broke it, hit the F-5, and that was enough to get the pin.

He had to weather a storm he didn’t seem to expect but The Beast is still the champ.

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