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WWE Great Balls of Fire results: Braun Strowman wins ambulance match, loses war to Roman Reigns

Their feud spanned WrestleMania 33 and launched a 1000 GIFs. Rumors continue to swirl about which man will get to face Brock Lesnar and possibly win the Universal title first.

But first, they had to settle their issues (for now) in an Ambulance Match at Great Balls of Fire.

The titular vehicle was backed into Dallas’ American Airlines Center just before Braun Strowman entered. Roman Reigns, and the chorus of boos which greet the Big Dog at almost any pay-per-view (PPV) full of so-called “smart” fans, followed, and everyone was ready for a fight on Sunday, July 9.

In previous ambulance-related attacks by Strowman in this feud, Reigns was said to have internal injuries. That had to be in Braun’s mind, as he set out to target Roman’s ribs and lower back from the start. The Big Dog managed to take his larger opponent down to the floor in the early going, but that was a fleeting moment amidst being slammed, thrown into ringposts and battered with the steel steps.

Braun saw an opening to try and carry Reigns to the ambulance, but Roman escaped and headed back to the ring. There, he managed to get the Monster Among Men up for a Samoan Drop and followed that up with attacks on the surgically repaired elbow of Strowman - including with a steel chair!

That wasn’t going to finish Braun, though. Strowman no sold three straight chair shots, screaming at Reigns before ripping the chair out of his hands and whipping him into the barricades on both sides of the ramp.

He then threw Roman up onto the stage and cleared the announce table, setting him up for a running slam. But the former Shield member fought back... for a moment. Seconds later, Reigns found himself in the familiar position of being flung against the side of the ambulance.

With the vehicle’s doors opened, tensions were raised. Trading punches and Superman punches, neither man could get the other into the ambulance. Strowman eventually went inside to produce a backboard he used as a weapon against the Big Dog, just before hurling him across the stage. Roman fought back, sending Braun into and then through the video screens which backdropped that area!

At that point, the issue was getting the Monster’s body back to the ambulance. In the time it took to make much progress on that task, Strowman roused enough to shove Reigns off the ramp. Braun made it to his feet, and Roman hit him with a stage light.

But he pushed his luck, and went for a spear... which Strowman dodged! Reigns flew into the ambulance and Braun shut the doors for the win.

Moments later, the Big Dog re-emerged to spear Strowman to the floor.

He would throw Braun into the back and jump behind the wheel... then backed it straight into a trailer, crushing the read compartment where he’d placed his rival!

General Manager Kurt Angle would have to call local fire and rescue, who used the jaws of life to pry a bloodied Strowman from the ambulance. Even though he was barely able to walk, Braun told everyone to leave him alone as he stumbled off into the Texas night.

Should be really interesting to see how these men are received next time we see them, and if this is really the end of their issues.

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