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WWE Great Balls of Fire results: Alexa Bliss cuts corners to keep title, Sasha Banks makes her pay

Raw’s July 9 pay-per-view (PPV) featured all five of the brand’s championships. Alexa Bliss’ defense against Sasha Banks may have fallen in the middle of that pack at Great Balls of Fire, but even coming moments after a hot tag title match, the animosity (real or worked) between the two competitors for the Women’s championship made it an anticipated showdown.

The Boss took control early, but the self-proclaimed Goddess used a trick she’s used during her run as SmackDown Women’s champion. Popping her hypermobile elbow out of alignment, Bliss forced the official and Banks to look on in disgust/concern.

Alexa, of course, was fine, and popped her arm back into joint and laid into the challenger. When those attacks culminated in pulling Sasha away from the ring so her neck and back slammed off the apron, it appeared the end was near.

There’s not a lot of quit in The Boss, though. Even as Alexa continued to target her spine, Sasha refused to quit or stray down. A counter sent the champ into the turnbuckles, and gave Banks a chance to regroup.

Bliss wouldn’t give up the fight either, though. A big suplex and running knee only netted a two count for The Boss. Alexa fired back quickly with a somersaulting slam that earned another nearfall. As the champ threw a tantrum about the match continuing, Sasha saw an opening for her submission finisher!

Eventually, Little Miss Bliss reached the bottom rope, and a few seconds later, Sasha released the hold.

Following a brawl on the outside, Alexa decided she’d had enough. Taking the countout loss, The Goddess made to leave American Airline Center with her title.

But not without a fight!

An angry Boss charged the champ on the ramp, and the battle continued. Bliss got the upperhand and looked to suplex Sasha through the announce table, but Banks threw her to the ground and followed with double knees right to her chest.

This one is far from over.

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