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WWE Great Balls of Fire results: Big Cass makes quick work of Enzo Amore

Tag team break-ups have been a real issue for WWE of late. “Best Friends” JericKO. Former NXT champs #DIY. The Golden Truth.

Even with this spate of betrayals reminding fans how this is a common occurrence in pro wrestling, Big Cass systematic destruction of Enzo Amore over the past month-plus has been shocking.

In Dallas at Great Balls of Fire tonight (July 9), Enzo got a chance for payback. He still showed his signature spunk during his entrance, launching into a promo explaining the similarities between his story and his favorite song, Frank Sinatra’s “Thats Life”. Amore proclaimed he would keep on dreaming no matter what happens when he wrestled his seven-foot ex-brother, a man he called... you know it... S - A - W - F - T.

Cass didn’t have words for his old partner, but he did have cacophonous new entrance music. The Queens native’s power was on display from the opening bell, answering Zo’s fire with devastating boots and punches, holds and slams.

The Texas crowd told Cass what they thought of him while cheering on the underdog, but that only inspired more brutality from the big man, including press slamming Amore from the ring to the floor.

Zo just beat the referee’s count, only to find himself on the receiving end of a Big Boot.

That’s life.

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