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WWE Great Balls of Fire results, live streaming match coverage: Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

WWE Great Balls of Fire is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., July 9, 2017) from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Great Balls of Fire below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Brock Lesnar def. Samoa Joe to retain the Universal title
Braun Strowman def. Roman Reigns
The Miz def. Dean Ambrose to retain his title
Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss via countout
Cesaro & Sheamus def. The Hardy Men to retain their titles
Bray Wyatt def. Seth Rollins
Big Cass def. Enzo Amore
Heath Slater vs. Curt Hawkins
Neville def. Akira Tozawa to retain his cruiserweight title


Pre Show

Dana Brooke joins the panel to tell them that Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks have hated each other since the NXT days. While she’s there, Emma comes and requests to talk to her then and there.

Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa (w/Titus O’Neil) for the Cruiserweight title

Tozawa gets offense in early with a kick and a senton. He knocks the champ out of the ring and goes for a suicide dive but Neville jumps onto the apron and kicks Akira preventing the dive.

That’s the opportunity Neville needs to start working over the challenger. The champ tosses Akira outside the ring and then throws him into the barricade.

The requisite pre-show PPV commercial break.

Back from the pre-show PPV commercial break and Neville is still in full control. The King takes the boots and talks some trash. But Tozawa fights back with some chops. And a jab to the face. Side suplex and Tozawa is hot.

The challenger goes to the top but Neville rolls out of the ring. Suicide dive connects this time! And a second! Back in the ring Akira goes for the cover but only gets 2.

Neville with a knee and tosses Akira to the apron. Tozawa goes for a spring board but Neville catches him on his shoulders. But Akira locks in an Octopus Stretch! Champ makes the ropes.

Akira goes to the top again and Neville is down but again he gets up. Tozawa jumps down but is greeted with a forearm. The champ lays in some stiff kicks to the chest. And then a drop kick ot the chest. Neville goes for the cover... 2 count.

Neville delivers a forearm and tosses Akira to the mat. The champ goes to the middle rope but misses a 450. Tozawa roll up.... the King just kicks out! Shining Wizard from the challenger. He goes up top... Senton! But Neville rolls outside!

Tozawa grabs Neville but the champ crotches him on the top rope... and then kicks the rope for good measure. Akira is hurting here. Titus shouts words of encouragement to his client.

Akira slowly makes his way to his feet, but Neville delivers a kick to the breadbasket (almost borderline low) that drops the challenger. 1-2-3.

Neville def. Tozawa to retain his title


Balls Main Show

Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

Seth starts on the offensive with some kicks. Bray takes a breather and laughs a bit in the corner. Seth lands a kick and a snapmare but Bray rolls out of the ring when Seth tries for a kick. Rollins goes for a suicide dive but gets punched on his way out.

Bray back in and lands some punches. Rollins drops him face first into the 2nd turnbuckle.

Fight spills out onto the apron and Bray tosses Seth face first into the ring steps! That looked nasty. Wyatt doesn’t let his opponent recover and tosses him into the barricade.

Wyatt works over Seth in the ring, including a shot to the throat. He positions Seth on the top rope but Rollins fights back. Bray gets the advantage again and hits a superplex from the 2nd rope. Both men down.

Bray goes for a cover but only gets 2. Rollins rolls to the ropes.

Seth tries to fight back but Wyatt neutralizes him. He brings him out to the apron and drops him straight on his face. Gets the Kingslayer back into the ring and goes for the cover - 2 count.

After working over Seth a bit, Bray goes for a senton but Rollins moves out of the way. Wyatt runs at Rollins but gets tossed outside the ring. Wyatt right back in and ends up eating a drop kick which lands him back outside. Seth goes for the suicide dive and it connects this time.

Springboard elbow to Wyatt. 2 count. Seth lands a splash in the corner an then a Slingblade in the middle. Blockbuster to Wyatt! 2 count!

Rollins goes for a kick but Wyatt catches and puts him in Sister Abigail. Seth fights out and lands an enziguri. He hits the ropes but Wyatt responds with a huge clothesline. Rollins responds with a Falcon’s Arrow. 2 count.

Rollins goes to the top but Wyatt catches him and brings him down. Uranage from Wyatt. 2 count.

Bray grabs Seth and slaps him screaming “Fight me!” This fires Seth up, who lands a flurry of blows. Wyatt slides out and Rollins grabs him and keeps delivering the punches. The ref goes to pull Seth back and Wyatt lands a finger to the eye. This leaves the Kingslayer staggered and Wyatt slides back into hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Wyatt def. Rollins via pinfall


Charlie Caruso interviews the Hardyz. Matt says that prior to this, he watched 30 minutes of superhero cartoons with this kids. Now he will spend 30 minutes with two supervillains... isn’t that DELIGHTFULLY ironic? He then puts over the competition has extremely tough. But tonight, they will break the bar.

Enzo vs. Big Cass

Enzo comes out to the normal music and does his usual dance. He does his mic spiel as well. Zo talks about how in this very arena they debuted a little over a year ago. He says that was love but tonight is war. And all is fair in love and war. But unfortunately, what isn’t always fair is life, kiddos. He talks about the Sinatra song “That’s Life”... “Riding high in April, shot down in May” and compares it to what happened to him. April was WrestleMania, May he gets laid out. But he wasn’t back up in June, outside up on someone’s arm. As for the line about “Some people just to stomp on other people’s dreams,” that’s Cass. He goes on to promise that he’s still going to be a star and Cass will always be in his shadow.

Cass comes out to new music that is rather generic.

Bell rings.

Enzo tries to run low at Cass but just receives a hit to the back. Enzo tries a flurry of strikes but is tossed to the ground and then shoulderblocked as soon as he’s back up.

Cass is pissed. He shouts “You want to hit me?” and starts unloading on his former tag partner. He’s in full control here.

Fallaway Slam from Cass. Followed by a big splash in the corner. He goes for a second but Enzo just collapses in the corner. But he fights back when Cass tries to grab him. That just angers the big man. He hands up Enzo over the corner and starts hammering his back.

Enzo is dying out here.

Gorilla Press to Enzo to the outside! The crowd rains boos down on the 7-footer.

Enzo JUST beats the 10 count. Don’t know why he’d want to though. Cass shakes his head at that.

Big Boot from Cass. Cover... 1-2-3. It’s over.

Cass def. Enzo


The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro & Sheamus in a 30-minute Iron Man Match for the tag titles

Cesaro walks into the ring as if it’s going to be him but slides out of the ring. This distracts Matt - Brogue from Sheamus! 1-2-3!

Sheamus and Cesaro earn the first fall

It’s Jeff and Sheamus. Cesaro is tagged but Jeff drop kicks both of them. Cesaro and Jeff fight until Sheamus is tagged in. Jeff is able to tag in Matt who lands three punches to the Irishman before clotheslining him out of the ring.

Matt falls out Sheamus outside and slams his head into the apron multiple times. He slides Sheamus back in and sets up for a Twist of Fate. Sheamus fights him so Matt just drops him for a 2 count. Jeff tags in.

Jeff is tossed out of the ring by Sheamus. He was going to follow up but the ref stops him so Cesaro runs Jeff over instead. Matt runs at Sheamus and those two brawl outside.

Sheamus slides Jeff in and tags in Cesaro. Jeff looks to be in trouble here. The champs have Brother Nero isolated and grounded. This goes on for about 6 minutes.

Cesaro knocks Matt off the apron. Jeff frees up to make a tag but the corner is empty. White Noise double team (with Cesaro coming off the top to assist) for another pinfall.

Sheamus and Cesaro earn a second fall. Up 2-0

Jeff is still in peril. Sheamus goes for a corner shoulder block but Jeff moves and Sheamus meets steel. Jeff finally tags out. Cesaro in as well.

He hits Cesaro’s head in the corner over and over and over again as the crowd chants delete. Clothesline in the corner followed by a bullldog. 2 count. Up to the 2nd rope with an elbow to the back of the head. Another cover. Another 2 count. Jeff tagged back in and knocks Sheamus off the apron.

Poetry in motion to Cesaro! Side Effect! Twist of Fate from Jeff! 1-2-3.

Hardys get a fall, champs still up 2-1

Jeff taking it to Cesaro. The Swigg hits an uppercut and tags in his partner. Jeff lands a twisted kick and then punches to the Irishman in the corner. Followed by a slingshot drop kick. Cover for 2.

Half way point.

Matt tagged in and now it’s Sheamus who looks to be in trouble. Hardys hit a double suplex and Matt goes for a cover - Cesaro breaks it up!

Matt knocks Cesaro out of the right as Sheamus rolls out. Jeff Hardy runs up the back of Matt and over the top rope onto the champs!

Matt lays some rights into Sheamus against the barricade and then sends him into the ring. But Cesaro grabs Matt and tosses him face first into the ring post! Ref starts the count... Matt can’t beat it! Count out.

Sheamus and Ceasro score a fall by count out - up 3-1.

Matt back in the ring but he is worse for the wear. The champs doing a good job isolating Matt and dissecting him. Sheamus looks for the 10 beats but instead just knocks Matt to the floor trying to earn another count out. As Matt starts to stir, Cesaro jumps down, tosses Matt into the barricade, and lands a European uppercut.

10 minutes to go.

At 9:00, Matt hits a Side Effect! He can’t get a good cover and Sheamus kicks out at 2. Cesaro tagged in and he delivers a kick to Jeff, knocking him off the a pron. Sharpshooter to Matt! Jeff has to break it up.

Sheamus goes and knocks Jeff off the apron as Cesaro delivers an uppercut to matt in the corner. And another. And another. And another. He goes for another on the other but Matt catches him in a backslide and Jeff drop kicks his legs for a double cover! 1-2-3.

Hardys score a fall. Champs up 3-2.

Jeff delivers a Whisper in the Wind to Cesaro... kick out at 2!

The champs look to go for their White Noise double team but Matt breaks it up. Jeff ends up rolling up Sheamus but the champ kicks out. Drop kick to Sheamus and another cover - another kick out.

Sheamus hits a big knee that drive Jeff into his corner and Matt tags himself in. Tornado DDT from Matt to Sheamus. 1-2-kick out! Matt calls for a Twist but Cesaro is in. Matt run the Swiss Superman out of the ring and then tries for a Twist on Sheamus. Sheamus fights it and puts Matt up to the top to attempt a super-belly to back. But Matt knocks him off... Moonsault to Sheamus. 1-2-Cesaro JUST breaks it up. (That was 3.)

Shamus goes to the top but Matt meets him up there... Twist of Fate from the top!!! Matt slow to the cover. 1-2-3. Tie game!

Hardys score a fall. Tied at 3-3. 2:45 to go

Jeff tagged in and Sheamus is down in the middle. Jeff goes to the top looking for a Swanton but Cesaro pulls Sheamus out. So Jeff jumps on them both on the outside! Jeff feeds Sheamus back into the ring and goes back up top. And so does Matt! Double Splash! Jeff cover 1-2-Cesaro breaks it up!!

One minute to go.

Cesaro uppercuts Matt (and may tag in) and Sheamus covers but Matt kicks out. Jeff tags in as Sheamus and Matt double clothesline. Jeff hits a Swanton! But Sheamus isn’t legal! Cesaro slides in and covers Jeff for a 1-2-3.

Champs up 3-2.

There’s not enough time for Jeff to catch Cesaro. He hits a Twist of Fate but it’s too late. Time runs out.

Sheamus and Cesaro retain their titles with a 3-2 victory.


Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss (c) for the Women’s championship

Very even early on, with Sasha hitting a drop kick as the first big move. Alexa rolls outside. When she makes her way into the ring, Banks slaps her, hits a big arm drag, and then lands double knees in the corner. 2 count.

The champ begs off before trying to land a blow but Sasha saw right through it and arm drags her. Bliss plays up her double jointed elbow, which takes the ref aback. This allows the champ to pop it back in and nail a huge elbow to Banks. Great spot.

Bliss can’t capitalize for long as soon Sasha hits the back stabber and goes for the Bank Statement. Bliss slides outside and looks to try to leave. Sasha runs after her and knocks Bliss’ head onto the apron. She climbs back up but Bliss grabs her leg and pulls her does, Banks’ back landing on the apron.

The Boss is hurting and Bliss in control. She keys in on the challenger’s injured back.

Sasha rallies with some kicks but Bliss pulls her back, Sasha’s neck hitting her knee and goes back to work on Banks. She starts slapping the Boss, shouting “Give up!”

Bliss goes for a suplex but Sasha blocks it and suplexes the champ into the corner.

Both women are up at the same time and Sasha lands forearms. Banks if firing up. She catches a kick and knees Bliss in the face. Belly to back and a running knee into the cover. Bliss kicks out.

Bliss hits a big flipping powerbomb for a 2 count. She has a mini temper tantrum when she learned that didn’t win her the match. The champ goes to the top looking for Twisted Bliss... Sasha got the knees up! Bank Statement middle of the ring! Bliss slowly crawling to the bottom rope... and finally grabs it. Sasha breaks on 4.

Bliss rolls out of the ring and when Sasha tries to go after her, the champ pulls her down on the ropes. She goes to toss the Boss into the barricade but Sasha reverses it and tosses the champ into it instead.

Sasha grabs the champ but Bliss kicks her off and slides out of the ring again. Sasha grabs her bay the hair but Bliss delivers a big slap. She decides to hang outside the ring and get counted out.

Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss via countout

After the match, Banks runs down the champ and attacks her on the ramp. Bliss fights back. They fight over to the announce table. Alexa goes for something but she gets knocked off and Bliss delivers double knees from the table to the floor!


Kick Off show recap

Cut to an angry Tozawa backstage with Titus. Akira tells him that he represents him so make it right. Get a rematch. Titus says he’ll work on that.

The Miz (w/Maryse, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas) (c) vs. Dean Ambrose for the IC title

Dean attacks Axel off the bat before getting into the ring and going after the Miz. Back out of the ring and goes at Dallas. Back in the ring and punches to the Miz.

Dean goes to the top and Axel jumps to the apron. That distracts Ambrose, who jumps down to get knocked from behind by the Miz. The A Lister starts delivering knees to the back of the Lunatic. Ambrose is able to roll him up but only gets two. Miz responds with a short DDT.

Dean is on the defensive much of the match. He gets back into it when he catches Miz with a kick as he comes from the rope with an axe handle. Dean knocks the Miz over a couple times and delivers a clothesline. He sets up Miz on top and delivers a double underhook toss. 2 count.

Miz delivers a kick to Dean’s knee twice and then hangs up the challenger in the corner. Running drop kick to the knee. Then another.

Miz eventually locks in a Figure 4 and Dean is able to make it to the ropes. But he’s having trouble standing. Miz starts laying in the It Kicks.

Dean able to fight back and go to the top for a flying elbow for a 2 count.

Maryse gets up on the apron to distract the ref. Miz goes for the Finale but Dean fights out. Ambrose is pulled out of the ring by the Entourage but fights them off. He tosses Miz outside and delivers an elbow from the top onto all of them.

He goes for another elbow to Miz in the ring but is caught in an attempt of the Finale. Ambrose reverses it to a Dirty Deeds! However Maryse puts Miz’s foot on the rope to break the count.

Miz rests outside but Ambrose delivers a suicide dive. Dean sends Miz back into the ring. Axel up to the apron to distract him and Ambrose brings him in. As the ref deals with this Bo jumps to the apron and hits Dean in the back of the head. Miz then lands the Skull Crushing Finale for the 1-2-3.

Miz def. Ambrose to retain his title


Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman in an ambulance match

Roman tries a right hand but just gets shoved. Roman right back with punches. Goes for a running something because Braun just knocks him straight down. Roman tossed into the corner Braun lands two splashes. Roman already hurting.

Braun kicks Roman out of the ring, follows him out, and tries to toss him against the post. But Roman reverses and it’s Strowman who goes face first into the post. Braun isn’t down long as he picks up Roman and runs him back first into the post. Then tosses him into the steel steps. Big Dog again hurting.

big Braun picks up the steps and knocks the Big Dog with them. And again. He goes for another while Roman was leaning against the post, but Roman moved. Braun runs at Reigns again, but Reigns moves and Braun goes into the post.

Back into the ring, Roman delivering kicks and punches but the big man is still up. He keeps trying but Braun just catches him and tosses him down face first. Braun goes for the running powerslam but Reigns fights out. Reigns goes to the spear but gets a kick to the face. Braun hits the powerslam and instinctively goes for the cover then stops himself.

Strowman drags Reigns out of the ring and slings him over the shoulder and starts walking him to the apron. They get to the ramp when Roman slides off and gets back into the ring. Strowman is angry.

Big man gets back in the ring. Roman goes for a Samoan Drop... and hits it!!! Braun soon up and charges at Roman but Reigns dodges and Strowman goes shoulder first into the corner. Big Dog slides out and hits the drive by to the right arm, the arm that kept Braun out. He slams the arm against the post.

Big dog toes for a chair and continues to work over the bad arm of Braun. He goes for a third but Braun no sells it and stares right at Roman. He starts back him off. Roman tries again and it doesn’t phase him!!! Third time, Strowman rips the chair out of his hand and starts tossing Roman into the barricade.

Roman is tossed all the way up the ramp, getting closer to the ambulance, which is to the right of the ramp if you’re facing the entrance.

Braun goes to the announcer table and sets it up for some carnage. He gets Roman in the powerbomb position... Roman fights out and lays a big open handed hit. And two more. But Braun grabs Roman and launched into the ambulance!!!

Braun opens the door to the ambulance and drags Roman towards it. But Roman has life. He knocks Bran into the ambulance but Braun just lifts him! He tries to get Roman in but the Big Dog fights out again.

Superman Punch has Braun leaning into the ambulance! Kick from Strowman keeps Roman at bay but another Superman Punch! He’s trying to stuff the massive Strowman into the ambulance but Braun knocks him away. The big man takes a backboard and nails Reigns with it.

Reigns is then just tossed onto the stage. Braun runs at him but Roman moves and Braun hits the LED board. Braun goes for a running Power Slam but Roman pushes him THROUGH the LED screen!

Strowman down. Roman down.

Roman is up. Braun stirring.

Roman dragging the big man closer to the ambulance but Braun just shoves him right off the stage!

Down to the floor next to the ambulance, Roman uses a lighting board on Braun. He looks to spear Braun, but Braun moves AND ROMAN JUST FLIES INTO THE AMBULANCE! BRAUN CLOSES THE DOORS! STROWMAN WINS!

Braun def. Strwoman

But here’s Roman, spearing Strow from the ambulance. He uses the ambulance door to pound the bad shoulder of Braun and then tosses him into it. He closes the door and goes to the drivers side. He tosses the poor driver out, gets in himself, and drives the ambulance out!


Angle is outside with a team of officials trying to get Braun out of the ambulance. Jamie Noble tries to open the side with a crowbar to no avail.


Impromptu match so they can deal with Braun.

Heath Slater vs. Curt Hawkins

These two are having a match as the fans chant “We Want Balor.”

As this match happens, we see the fire department arriving in the back.

We hear the bell but don’t even see how it happened. They just announce Heath Slater won.

Slater somehow def. Hawkins

Meanwhile, they are using the jaws of life to open the ambulance. They finally get it open and set up a stretcher. Braun is bloodied but refuses to get on the stretcher. Instead, he walks out on his own!!! What is this madness???


Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (c) for the Universal championship

Joe attacks Brock from behind during the intro! He tosses him into the barricade outside and then into the ring table! Uranage through the announce table and the bell hasn’t even rung yet!!!

Brock struggling to even get into the ring as Joe waits. The crowd chants “Joe’s gonna kill you!”

Brock smiles and nods to the ref but Joe right into the corner with a splash and enziguri! Headbutts to the Beast! Now knees!

Brock back with his own knees! Joe gets Lensar into the corner with shoulder blocks and jabs! Joe takes him down but now Lesnar drives Joe into the corner!And he delivers his own shoulder blocks and knees!

Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch... Brock runs Joe into the corner. Suplex! Two! Three! He goes for 4 but Joe hugs the rope. He grabs the ref and mule kick low blows the champ!

Uranage! 2 count!

Tries to lock in the Clutch but Brock fights it in... but now he has it better positioned and Brock is turning purple! But Brock still on his feet so he stands up and drops Joe! Both men down!

Lesnar charges into the corner but Joe moves and he hits the post. But when Joe approaches, Brock slides between the legs and lands more Germans.

Puts him up for the F5 but Joe slides out and locks in the Clutch. But Brock is still on his feet! He runs him into the corner but Joe won’t let go and Brock down to a knee!

Lesnar still has one foot planted... Into an F5! 1-2-3!

Lesnar def. Joe to retain his title


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us.

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