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WWE Great Balls of Fire: Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass full match preview

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were a tag team that complimented each other perfectly. Enzo was the flashy loud mouth who would say things that he often couldn’t back up. Big Cass was the muscle who would do the backing up for Enzo when his mouth got him into trouble. Cass sure had size, but it was Enzo’s gift of gab that made people take notice. While tag team gold eluded them in both NXT and WWE, it was inevitable that it would finally come together for these two.

That was until Big Cass stabbed Enzo in the back.

For two weeks in a row, Enzo was attacked from behind by a mystery assailant. When people started to suspect that maybe Big Cass had something to do with it, suddenly he was the one getting attacked.

After this went on for about a month, Big Cass insisted that General Manager Kurt Angle get to the bottom of it. So at the end of Raw, Angle called both Enzo and Cass out to the ring and brought forward the list of possible assailants such as the Revival and the Big Show.

But when those guys were ruled out as suspects, Corey Graves revealed footage of Big Cass staging the attack on himself. The jig was up.

The big man admitted it, verbally ripping into Enzo. He accused Amore of holding him back, of continully getting into trouble and then needing Cass to get him out. And for one of the first times in his life, Enzo Amore was speechless. The one single tear that rolled down his face conveyed all of his emotions. After Big Cass was done verbally assaulting Enzo, he physically did so, with a big boot to his former partner.

The next week, Enzo came out and implored Cass to come out and join him in the ring. Cass obliged and a bit surprisingly but understandably, Enzo apologized to Cass and tried to patch things up with his brother. He was willing to forget what had happened and just move forward. Their longtime friendship was too special to just throw away.

It looked like Cass agreed too. But that was all a ruse. He just convinced Enzo he was back on board just to break his heart again, this time with a big clothesline on the ramp.

The next time Enzo came out, he wasn’t looking to make amends. He was looking to fight. He accused his former partner, his former brother, of being nothing big a 7-foot catchphrase that he wrote. To drive matters home, he attacked Big Cass backstage.

Tomorrow night, these two will meet in a very personal match. The smaller Enzo doesn’t stand much of a chance against the bigger, vicious Cass. However, Enzo is a tough dude and he’ll stand there and take everything Cass has until he can’t take any more. And unfortunately, Cass looks ready to make sure Enzo isn’t able to stand when he’s done with him. This one could get ugly.

Great Balls of Fire airs tomorrow night at 8 EST on the WWE Network. Keep it here to for all your Balls coverage.


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