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Bayley thinks she needs to evolve, which might include changing her look

Remember when we told you about Bayley telling Stone Cold on "The Steve Austin Show" that she's in a weird spot in her career? Well, they used that as a cliffhanger for this week's show.

The follow up, in depth explanation:

"It's hard to explain. I think I just... I guess it's just time to evolve. Because I've been doing what I've been doing for the past four years but you always need to evolve, and I plan on doing this for a really long time. So I know it needs to go in just, like, different directions, maybe a different attitude. I guess I'm coming off my Extreme Rules match with Alexa Bliss where I didn't use the kendo stick on her, and it's time for me to evolve and kind of see where else, different avenues I can go as my character, and just try to reach different points and take that next step as Bayley. I don't know, I kind of feel like I'm in between that right now. I'm still trying to stay who I was and what got me to the dance, that's what I was always told."

Austin asks a great follow up question, wondering what it is making her feel like this at this time, whether it's based on crowd response or if it's just getting monotonous:

"Yeah, it might be a little bit of both just from the, yeah, crowd response but I also don't want to completely change who I am just because certainly people may not like who I am.


"I don't even know if it's just a change of look. Like how we were saying Undertaker just came out as The American Badass, completely different from what he was doing. It's not necessarily turning from a good guy to a bad guy or anything. Even if it was as simple as taking my ponytail out and just having hair down, or cutting my hair, or having different gear; just something a little different I think I need. That's just to change my look just to evolve a little bit. And maybe change a little bit of things in the ring.

"Okay, so this is gonna sound like I'm a loser too. One time I was talking to Seth about... it was from when he... cause he was a heel for a long time then he turned baby, and I was watching his matches -- I think it was when I just got on the road -- and he was just so good at being a babyface already, and he had just been a heel. I asked him 'how did you, I know you've been doing it for a while already, but how did you just make it seem so easy, the switch and the transition? Because it's so different.' And he was like 'oh, I just try to be like Stone Cold. Just, I don't know, just be a badass. Just kick ass.' I think I need a little bit of that in the ring. And we've talked about that too, about being aggressive, so I don't know, maybe a combination of more aggression and changing my look a little bit could be cool. That's just kind of how I'm feeling."

It’s difficult to even imagine Bayley any different than she is now, even with minor alterations to her appearance. But that’s the point — she is wonderful the way she is but she can be so much more and the only way to unlock that “more” is to jump outside the box she’s currently in.

Of course, this all comes down to what WWE boss Vince McMahon decides he’s okay with. It’s clear Bayley is ready for a change, though, and the timing couldn’t be better.

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