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Roderick Strong wins, then loses his NXT title match against Bobby Roode

Whether or not you read spoilers from the last NXT taping, you probably weren’t expecting Bobby Roode’s title reign to end on a regular Wednesday night episode of WWE’s third brand’s show.

What you were watching for when Roderick Strong faced the Glorious One on the July 5 edition of NXT was how Roddy was presented, and if they were setting up for Strong to get another shot at the top prize.

Turns out the answers are “quite well” and “it’s certainly there if they want it”.

After the usual big-fight-feel NXT introductions, Strong started, well... strong. Perhaps motivated by his fiancee Marina Shafir and his mother being seated at ringside, Roddy had Roode on the run, or at least on the ramp following a big drop kick, but that was when the champ struck while Strong’s knee was trapped between the stairs and the ringpost.

The challenger continued to fight back, kicking out of Roode’s signature moves and even his finisher. And when the champ took a moment to talk some trash to Strong’s family, it was the opening he needed to hit a series of moves which culminated in his finisher. 1 - 2 - 3 later, and the celebration was on for Roddy, Marina and Mom.

But not so fast! Roode’s foot was under the ropes, and when referee Drake Wuertz re-started the action, Bobby wasted no time in hitting the Glorious DDT twice - once on the floor and once after rolling Roddy back in between the ropes.

So, Strong is left to be consoled by his family rather than celebrate with them...

...and the Glorious Era rolls on.

What’s next for Roode and Strong? There seem to be too many contenders for Roddy to get another one-on-one shot, but maybe as part of a multi-man? Or maybe he’ll just have to get back in line?

Stay tuned.

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