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AJ Styles and Chad Gable really liked wrestling one another

This is cool.

While we wonder what exactly is going on with his American Alpha tag partner Jason Jordan, we can at least enjoy seeing former Olympian Charles “Chad Gable” Betts ply his trade on television. And over the past few weeks, Gable’s gotten a chance to work with the very best - first Kevin Owens, and last night (July 4), a man many consider one of, if not the, best pro wrestlers in the world today, AJ Styles.

They’re opportunities of which Gable has made the most. He certainly made an impression on Styles. And the feeling is very mutual:

The concern with Gable was that he was too small for WWE to push as a singles competitor, which is why many saw his pairing with Jordan as his ticket to the top. But since that floundered, and matches like last night are showing he can hang with AJ - who also happens to be his size... maybe he’s got a solo run in him after all.

Now if we can just figure out what to do with one of the best hot tags in the business...

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