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Kofi Kingston owns his rap battle geometry mistake in the best way possible

If you’re going to call people out for not finishing college, as Kofi Kingston did during New Day’s rap battle against The Usos, you should probably have a grasp of basic geometry, especially when it’s something you need to know to get a driver’s permit, too.

Which actually fits, since Kofi’s bars were rather pedestrian (OHHHH).

But credit where credit is due. While Kingston repeatedly calling a stop sign a hexagon (meaning a six-sided figure; the road sign in question has eight sides, making it an octagon) was a lowlight of the July 4 showdown between the tag champs and their Battleground challengers, at least Kofi owned up to his mistake.

And he did it in an arena where he’s proven his mettle in the past - Instagram video:

A post shared by Kofi (@thetruekofi) on

While it’s technically Wale’s call (and probably doesn’t matter since he already declared New Day the winners by disqualification)... we’ll allow it.

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