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This Bayley story will make you smile

One of my favorite things about wrestling is the unique bond between performers and fans. So this story just gets to me.

When Monday Night Raw hit Phoenix on Monday, a devoted Bayley fan and aspiring wrestler named Liz had been looking forward to the show for months in the hopes of meeting her hero.

Liz tweeted Bayley a letter telling her how much she meant to her. The Hugger replied:

And it happened!

I'm not really needed to tell the story here so I'll let Liz take over:

I myself missed it but the encounter made it to Bayley's Instagram story:

How amazing to meet your hero and have an encounter like that.

Just like Bayley said to Liz, I'll say it again and just address it to Bayley: We're lucky to have you, Bayley. Thanks for being you.

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