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American Alpha isn’t breaking up, they’re just not wrestling in the tag team division right now

With Chad Gable getting two singles matches in recent weeks, both barn burners against two top guys in Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, it’s worth wondering if his tag team with Jason Jordan, collectively known as American Alpha, has broken up. That’s not the case, from the sounds of it in the above video:

"We thrive on competition, that's who American Alpha is. We want competition. We had our run with the titles. There are other guys in the hunt right now and we got kind of pushed to the back of the line. However that works, that's fine. All we want is competition in the meantime. Jason knows it, I know it, we support each other 100-percent, and we're good. Wait until Jason gets his chance -- he's going to show the exact same thing I did. We can hang with any single guy on this roster, not just any tag team like we've proven, any single guy."

With Breezango getting over as a hot comedy act and The New Day arriving on the scene, there’s hardly been room for the likes of American Alpha after they finished up their program with The Usos. It makes sense, then, to break them off for some singles matches to keep them sharp while they wait for the tag division to clear up a bit.

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