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Curt Hawkins has lost his last 100 matches

When I was working on the latest Social Slam, I noticed this tweet:

Curt Hawkins is one of Social Slam’s biggest stars, which is no surprise considering the guy calls himself the Captain of the Star FACTory. He knows. He IS a star so naturally he knows what it takes.

Apparently, he’s been too generous with his stardom, and one of those “new kids” noticed.

All I’m saying is one of the people in this picture had the greatest match at Great Balls of Fire, and one didn’t make the card.

That new kid can’t spell but apparently he’s onto something.

Per CAGEMATCH, Hawkins has gone on to lose 100 matches in a row. His last triumph came against Titus Worldwide member Apollo Crews in Glasgow on Nov. 8, 2016.

Makes sense he’s wearing that Mets shirt, yeah?

Congratulations to Curt on this impressive streak! He’s the son of a phone company employee and the American Dream.

In the meantime, he has a cute newborn baby girl and he’s actually way less socially awkward than Zack Ryder. What a star.

Any guesses on who will be the 1 in 1-100? Uh, I guess that doesn’t work.

Anyway, we’re rooting for ya, Curt!

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