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Is this Paige sitting ringside at Slammiversary under a Dos Caras’ mask?

With Paige and Alberto El Patron either back together or never having broken up, you knew it wouldn’t be long before their relationship found its way back onto a screen near you.

So, with El Patron winning the main event of Slammiversary on July 2 in Orlando, it figures his amor would be near-by. But with the event broadcasting on pay-per-view (PPV) all over the world and Paige still under contract to WWE, what’s a lovestruck fiancée to do?

Probably borrow a mask from your future father-in-law and head down to ringside...

Now, we can’t be sure that’s the future Mrs. Saraya-Jade Rodríguez (although someone who knows more about Paige’s ink can probably identify her by the forearm tattoos in the second Tweet), but it seems like a reasonable assumption.

And honestly, the solution she came up with for appearing incognito in the Impact Zone is probably good enough for WWE. The company isn’t happy with her in general (you wouldn’t think, based on her man’s repeated rants about them) but they also don’t want to fire her and risk angering Dwayne Johnson when his production company has a movie coming out soon about Paige and her family.

Plus - in the history of wild Paige/Alberto stories, this is pretty low key.

But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll give us something else to talk about soon.

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