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Asuka is refusing to return to NXT until they find her ‘a worthy opponent’

When this popped up in the old timeline this morning, I wondered if this was just the latest bit of trash talk from one of the longest reigning champions in WWE history, or the start of something more...

A follow-up story on would seem to confirm the latter: appears there may be some time before Asuka is back on WWE Network’s Wednesday night staple. Unless, of course, a “worthy” opponent soon makes herself known.

Who will be the next person to try to dethrone Asuka? And how long will it take to find a challenger that can meet Asuka’s expectations?

This creates some really interesting possibilities. Signs have pointed to a showdown between the Empress of Tomorrow and Ember Moon for a while now. Asuka did need to bend the rules to defeat the Master of the Eclipse in Orlando, and made a point of removing her from the picture heading into Chicago.

But if WWE wanted to call an audible and debut someone new as her next challenge, this would be the way to do it. Perhaps someone from the upcoming field of the Mae Young Classic?

Or what if the move is to promote Asuka while she’s still undefeated, and use the upcoming tournament as a way to crown a new NXT Women’s titleholder?

A lot of possibilities, all because no one is ready for Asuka.

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