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Bo Dallas believes in a lot of conspiracy theories

The latest episode of Talk is Jericho features Bo Dallas, current member of The Miztourage, spending an hour talking about the various conspiracy theories he believes. They include but are not limited to:

  • He believes in god and the Bible is "the word" but it's been manipulated by man and some books are missing.
  • He believes the Illuminati, or lizard people, are the ones who have the missing chapters.
  • He believes that the Earth is hollow, and there is a class of aliens who live there.
  • The Reptilian people are a higher class of people who run the Earth.
  • He does believe we've been to the moon but the moon landing video is faked. The reason? NASA found things there they don't want us to know. That includes some sort of alien race living up there.
  • He doesn't think a plane hit the Pentagon, but instead it was bombed.
  • The explosions that brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11 was "a controlled destruction."
  • There are actors paid by the government to give interviews to help debunk conspiracy theories.
  • He believes there were giant people, a higher power of race who weren't as intelligent, and they were cannibals.
  • The giant people might be the aliens living in the hollow Earth.

By the way, he does keep all this in perspective:

"Even if it's not true and you want to call me crazy, it's funner, so much more fun, to live life and question and to wonder. I want to know more. If it's not real, then screw it. ... For me, it's funner to believe than to not believe. So, everything, I like to believe it before I don't believe it. ... I question but I also accept knowledge that is given to me. If I learn or am told something and I did the research and it was debunked I would believe it. If the facts were there, I would say obviously it makes sense. But to not question at all is ridiculous."


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