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WWE Network subscriber count down to 1.63 million

WWE Network

The last time WWE revealed its subscriber count for the WWE Network was just after WrestleMania 33, following the usual promotional push to get the number as high as possible. The result was 1.94 million subscribers, something the company touted as a major success at the time.

Updated numbers were released today and the subscriber count has dropped to 1.63 million, with 1.15 million domestic and 410,000 international.

What’s more, the expectation, according to the company, is the numbers will drop even more, settling around 1.54 million by the time the third quarter report comes out. During a conference call, they were asked about how to get the numbers back up.

The response (via PW Insider):

Barrios said they are getting smarter at communicating to their subscribers. They have a lot of ideas and they are going to continue to provide new, fun content for subscribers. Barrios said direct to consumer over the next ten years is a big opportunity for the company.

It’s been over three years since the Network launched and it still hasn’t reached 2 million subscribers.

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