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Jerry Lawler dismisses rumor Vince McMahon’s dislike of one segment killed Talking Smack

The no longer weekly post-SmackDown interview show Talking Smack gets about as much coverage since its cancellation as it did when it was an ongoing concern. Which could explain why it only airs after pay-per-view (PPV) events now.

A persistent rumor since the axe fell on the show’s regular Tuesday edition features Vince McMahon personally pulling the plug, with one version of the story being that a specific segment where The New Day were featured before their blue brand debut on USA Network being the final straw for the CEO.

But a man who’s worked with McMahon for a long time, including in lots of different announcing roles and on these kinds of pre or post-shows, doesn’t buy it. Jerry Lawler explained why on a recent episode of his Dinner With The King podcast:

“As far as anything, like Vince's decisions, who really knows other than Vince? I would highly doubt - just me personally and knowing Vince and knowing the situation - that the story you just said [regarding New Day’s appearance] has any accuracy to it whatsoever.

I'm sure the guests on Talking Smack, all of that is probably run by Vince before the show goes on. Because I know the fact that I was going to be on Talking Smack was run by Vince before I was allowed to be on there."

So, if that wasn’t the reason for cancelling the weekly version, what was? Here’s Lawler’s guess:

“It might have been logistics. When you're talking these guys have been there all day long, and the crew has been there two days. And to ask them to stay an extra hour or two when everything else is being broke down and when all the other superstars have left getting back to their hotel or going on to the next city; it's tough. It is hard. I'm sure there were some complaints from people not too happy about staying to do that. As opposed to the one after the pay-per-view; that's easy.”

Another theory to consider, along with The New Day appearance, John Cena joking about Shane McMahon being drunk, low viewership/high cost and whatever else you may have heard out there on the wild, wild web.

You buying Jerry’s explanation?

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