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Matt and Reby Hardy are trash-tweeting Jeff Jarrett and GFW again

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Matt and Reby Hardy have some things to say about the management at Global Force Wrestling (GFW) - especially head of creative Jeff Jarrett - and the promotion’s owners, Anthem Entertainment.

This all swirls around the dispute over ownership of the “Broken” gimmick they used while appearing on Impact Wrestling. It’s a situation which appears to be going nowhere after GFW opted to not sign an agreement which would have sold the rights to Matt that was negotiated by Billy Corgan and the Hardys’ lawyers a couple weeks back, so it’s not clear what the latest round of tweets accomplishes, but...

Matt’s brief Twitter statement sounds like part of a potential legal strategy, and comments on how Vince McMahon handles business as a point of comparison for why Hardy feels he owns what he created while working for TNA but wouldn’t think the same of something he came up with working for WWE:

Reby’s launches off a response to a week old tweet claiming her past rants are a reason GFW didn’t accept the deal, and explains the situation... with a couple personal attacks at Double-J:

So, nothing new.

But expect another post like this in a couple weeks, as the Hardys know it will get digital “ink”, because sites like ours know folks will click on it.

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