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WWE Battleground 2017 results: The Great Khali returns to help Jinder Mahal win the Punjabi Prison match

The third-ever Punjabi Prison match happened at Battleground in Philadelphia, and if you don’t remember the rules from the first two - understandable since they happened last decade - we got another refresher while Randy Orton and WWE champion Jinder Mahal entered the ring and the dual structures were lowered around them.

One of those rules is the doors of the inner cage can be opened whenever a wrestler asks, but after 60 seconds pass, the door is closed and permanently locked. There are four of those doors. That happened three times. On the fourth, the Singh Brothers (who weren’t supposed to get involved, because cages) appeared to pull Mahal though before the time elapsed, despite the champ being woozy from a rope-hung DDT moments before.

The Viper caught up in a hurry, climbing the inner structure and jumping right to the outer one. The Modern Day Maharajah was already ascending that one, so the two men battled on high. Orton won that fight, knocking Jinder to the mat, but the Singhs again came to their champion’s aid, grabbing Randy by the boots and dragging him down to the ground.

With that, we were at the point we’ve reached in each of the trilogy of matches between Orton and Mahal - where Randy beats up Samir and Sunil. The brothers at least provided a distraction for Jinder to get a kendo stick. He got some licks in, but the Viper got one of his own and went to town on all three heels.

Samir Singh provided us with another big moment - sliding outside the outer cage to stop Randy, and taking a big bump from the top of the structure down through the announce table!

It also allowed the champ to get back into contention after the Singapore Cane beating he suffered at Orton’s hands. The brawl that ensued introduced a steel chair, mostly used by the challenger to level both his opponent and the remaining Singh brother.

Jinder had one more ally in waiting, however, and when it looked like the Viper would escape the prison, a former champion ambled down the ramp.

The Great Khali had returned.

The giant shook the structure to slow Randy down, the grabbed him through the cage to choke Randy out with one hand. Jinder climbed to freedom, and raised his title high while he celebrated with Khali.

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