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WWE Battleground 2017 results: New Day beat The Usos to claim the SmackDown tag titles

Things have been heated and personal in the SmackDown tag title feud between champions The Usos and challengers The New Day, and that was just in the battle rap!

At the pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 23, things wouldn’t be decided with bars, however.

New Day mixed things up, sending out their “small ball” line-up of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston to face Jimmy and Jey. It looked like it might pay off at the jump...

... but the twins survived an early onslaught to trap Woods in “the Uso Penitentiary”.

Kofi came in hot for a time, but a trust fall backfired and Kingston ended up being powerbombed to the floor - leaving Xavier alone again.

The PhD fought valiantly, surviving knockout blows and submission holds until his partner re-emerged. But the Usos proved their resilence as well when Jimmy kicked out of Midnight Hour.

It wouldn’t last. Day One Ish ended when Woods broke up a double splash the Usos were setting up, leading to Trouble in Paradise from Kofi followed by a cross-ring elbow drop for Xavier.

The New Day are the first team to hold both the Raw and SmackDown tag titles (at least this version... we’ll have to consult the record books later).

Meanwhile, these teams have delivered for a second straight PPV. Usos/New Day have great chemistry in-ring and out... we could have a special rivalry on our hands. Check this one out, Cagesiders.

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