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Will Fashion Files boldly go... to Sunnydale?

While we’ve mostly been wondering who will be revealed as Breezango’s mysterious attackers tomorrow night (July 23) at Battleground in Philadelphia, there is another Tyler Breeze and Fandango-related question which needs to be addressed.

After their X-Files spoof on the ‘go home’ edition of SmackDown which set-up their segment for this weekend’s pay-per-view (PPV), where does “Fashion Files” go next? What’s next for a series of bits which started with Law & Order parody and backtracked to detective noir before taking a trip to the last decade of the 20th century?

Fortunately for us, has been on the case... the case of:

As a Whedon-ite from day one (ish), the idea of Tyler in a blonde wig as “Breezy the Uggo Slayer” aggro-flirting with ‘Dango as Fan-gel at The Bronze would be right up my alley. But the notion of Prince Pretty deadpanning in a beard and plaid shirt while Fandango gets confused about whether he’s supposed to be The Tool Man or Buzz Lightyear sounds really great, too.

Currently, the WWE Universe is thinking they’d like to see the Fashion PoPo boldly go where no man’s gone before. But it’s close (except for one option... sorry, Dr. Greene).

Go vote now, and give us your best ideas below!

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