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WWE Battleground 2017: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Lana vs. Natalya vs. Tamina full match preview


Five women, one chance at the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship on the line. Let's take a look at their chances one by one, shall we?


Lana is coming into this off three straight title matches, and she lost each one even faster than the last. So, it's natural to think she's got no chance (that's what she's got) here... except for her newfound alliance with Tamina. Both women are longshots on any day, but together, in an elimination match? Their chances improve dramatically, even if they don't have an agreement amongst them as to who should actually get the title shot.


Naturally I covered a lot of Tamina's ground for Lana, but there is at least one additional factor at work-- surprise. Tamina, of all five women, has held back and not yet gotten a spotlight as to what she can do. We know she has that wicked, brutally beautiful superkick, and she's clearly very strong, but beyond that, she's an enigma. At least Lana, for how few matches she's wrestled, got one chance to put it all on the line against Naomi in their first (and longest) match.

Tamina, by comparison, hasn't cracked seven minutes in televised action since a 13-minute lumberjack match against Naomi on Main Event in 2013, per the always excellent resource that is Cagematch. Four years is a long time to learn a few new tricks. (A match, by the way, that Tamina won. Food for thought!)


Perhaps the obvious dark horse of the five, or should that be black cat? Natalya is a veteran who no doubt inherited her fair share of Uncle Bret's excellent execution, even if she's a bit... dry, at times, and certainly no one should be surprised if Nattie pulls out the win here.

But, if one looks at the match faction-wise, she's clearly the odd woman out. Yes, she and Tamina were part of the Welcoming Committee together, but with Carmella moved on to bigger and briefcase-ier things, that concept appears to be dead in the water, and if it comes down to who has the best allies, Natalya may find herself outmuscled.

Becky Lynch

No one in this match has a purer heart or straighter fire than Becky Lynch. And she's even coming in strong with a load of momentum derived from tapping Charlotte Flair out on SmackDown this week! But when you see her wrestle, she's really struggled to find that second gear of late. She calls for the Straight Fire, but doesn't actually seem to step it up any, perpetually stuck in first gear.

But as fire turns sand to glass, pressure turns coal to diamond, and there may be no greater pressure than an elimination match with a title shot on the line. You can survive to the end, hanging onto life by the skin of your teeth, but when it's one on one, you gotta make it count. If Becky can't dig deep and find second gear, her road back to the title ends right here.

Charlotte Flair

And so we come to the obvious favorite of the match, wrestling royalty both self-proclaimed (as the Queen of Pay-Per-View) and legitimate (Wooo!), she's a little entitled about it, but nobody wants this title match more than Charlotte Flair. Nearly as soon as she arrived on SmackDown, she stuck her hand out, asking for a title shot.

Well, she had to beat the champ in non-title action, but she got it... and promptly lost it when the match ended in a no-contest courtesy of the aforementioned Welcoming Committee. Since then, she's been tied up in faction warfare to the point where she's actually only had two televised one-on-one singles matches in the months since.

But this match, this is her golden ticket, her chance once again to take what she views as rightfully hers whether she's one of the good ones or a no-good rulebreaker. Can anyone stand in the way of arguably the most dominant woman in recent WWE history?

Five women, four eliminations, one shot at glory.


Who will win?

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    Charlotte Flair
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