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The Revival are happy about their “elite” action figures

One of my favorite things in wrestling right now is the rivalry between the Young Bucks and the Revival. The great thing about it, for me at least, is that you might not even recognize that some tweets are one side throwing a shot at the other side unless you’re paying attention (or reading informative overviews right here on Cageside).

The marketing for Mattel’s new action figures, which features The Revival, proclaimed the line was “elite” and the top guys were delighted.

One fan wanted to know why they were “Forever the Revival” and Dash gladly filled him in:

But Matt was not having it.

Dawson was happy for the chance to revisit the alphabet for Matt:

Oh, and this Dawson tweet is interestingly timed considering yet another Elite/Cornette battle just took place:

We may not ever get this match, but I’m enjoying the Twitter banter in the meantime.

Say yeah.

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