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Nikki Bella has a wedding date, but no timetable for her return to wrestling

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While at the Mattel panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, Nikki Bella had more news than just the release of the first-ever WWE fashion dolls. Video of the entire panel is embedded above, cued up to her comments.

First, Nikki says she and fiance John Cena have picked a wedding date. Is it April 8, 2018 for WrestleMania 34? She’s not telling!

We actually finally set a date but I’m not gonna say. “Boo,” I know. Such a heel. Always in my heart.

In less happy news, the Fearless One provided an update on the status of her surgically repaired neck and a possible return to wrestling, which some rumors indicated could happen as early as next month at SummerSlam. Nikki doesn’t provide any timetable, but it doesn’t sound like she could cleared any time soon (unless she’s working us, cause wrestling):

I’m just kind of doing reality thing and waiting for my neck to heal. Because I see two girls on my right [Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch], and two girls on my left [Sasha Banks and Bayley] and I see my tag partner right here [Brie Bella] and I’m like, well shoot, I want to get back, so... I’m just kind of hoping my neck heals and I hope it heals quick.

We found out it’s not fully fused and I kind of have a herniation above where I had surgery but I think with time could heal hopefully, so I’m trying to do whatever I can.

When moderator Renee Young asks if it’s ”fair to say we’ll see you back in the ring at some point?”, the longest reigning Divas champion in history does give an enthusiastic sounding answer (“I think so!”). But bulges around fused vertebrae aren’t anything to play with, so - be safe, Nicole.

Her once and hopefully future tag partner does have a target set for her return. New mom Brie says husband Daniel Bryan has agreed to build her a ring at their house and help her with her workouts:

We’re gonna start the training, I’m hoping 2018 I can be back in the ring.

So, Brie Mode is initiating soon and... COME ON, NIKKI!