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Paige might be charged for airport domestic violence incident involving Alberto El Patron

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When initial word came out that police were called to an airport to investigate a domestic violence incident involving Alberto El Patron, the belief was he was the sole person under investigation. When Paige first gave her side of the story, she blamed an unnamed woman for starting an issue. Later, audio came out that refuted that and she quickly backed off her initial claim before saying she was the one being held for battery.

Now, she may be charged for it.

That’s according to the Orlando PD, who released the following to Pro Wrestling Sheet:

“OPD detectives have found that probable cause exists to charge Saraya Bevis with Battery (Domestic Violence). Detectives have sent the information to the State Attorney’s Office for review and the SAO will determine whether to file charges in the case.”

WWE has a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence, so if Paige is arrested and charged she will be suspended and if convicted she will be fired. However, a suspension would be her third and likely lead to termination either way.

El Patron is also still being investigated in the incident.