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Mark Henry says he’s transitioning to a behind-the-scenes role in WWE

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Mark Henry recently turned 46, and has been speaking about hanging up the boots for a couple years now.

Now, during the latest Table For 3 with his former Nation of Domination stable-mates, Ron Simmons and Charles Wright, Henry lays out a more exact timeframe and plan for life after the ring. Considering his reputation as a company man and all around quality human being, the next step is about what you’d expect, but you might not be ready for how quickly it’s coming.

But considering we haven’t seen a whole lot of Henry in action of late, you’re probably not shocked.

Here’s what he said on the episode, which premiered on WWE Network last night (July 17). You can also watch it in the Twitter video embedded above:

I can’t believe it sometimes, it’s 21 years. And as we all know, that Father Time is undefeated and my time is coming to an end. I’ll go from being a talent to an employee here in a few months.

I’m just looking forward to making that transition and helping all of these young guys and girls that are coming in beneath us.

That’s kind of been my plight in the business since y’all been gone is basically helping the company re-stock with new talent and people that understand to be responsible to what we do.

If the end of his on-camera career is nearing an end, thanks for the memories Big Man. That next generation is lucky to have you, and we should all benefit from Mark Henry remaining an influence on WWE and its roster.

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