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Jerry Lawler to host the post-Battleground Talking Smack

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With rumors and conflicting reports swirling about not only the future of WWE Network’s cult favorite Talking Smack, but the reasons behind its demise as a weekly program, everything about the scheduling and booking of the program will be scrutinized.

And if you’re of a mind that Vince McMahon personally has it in for the show and/or wants to exert more control over its loosely or unscripted talent-driven promos, you may read something into this news item from Hall of Famer and long-time Raw color commentator Jerry Lawler.

It seems that when Talking Smack does return after the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) on Sunday, July 23, The King will be one of the hosts:

Hey, that’s not Daniel Bryan!

There’s no official word who else will be appearing on the post-show with Lawler, although that could be because it’s definitely Renee Young. She’s listed in the Network schedule as the host of the Kickoff along with “guests”, one of whom will apparently be the Memphis legend. The post-show only advertises a chance to “catch up with the winners and losers of this exclusive SmackDown LIVE PPV event” with no mention of the hosts.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Does Jerry on Talking Smack make you more or less likely to tune in on Sunday night? Does this factor into the drama surrounding the show online, or is it just a coincidence?