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Emma seems pissed

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It’s easy to understand why Raw Superstar Emma would be frustrated.

Even setting aside her tumultuous history with WWE - going from finalist for the first ever NXT Women’s title to a comedy sidekick role, to fired and re-hired over a shoplifting charge, injured and teased for a gimmick which was eventually abandoned...

Okay, it’s probably impossible to set ALL that aside. But even if we just look at the last few weeks, it seemed like she might get involved in the crowded Women’s championship scene on Monday nights and/or re-start her storyline with Dana Brooke. WWE even shot a scene on the Great Balls of Fire Kickoff designed to build interest in the Brooke angle - and now have failed to follow-up for two weeks.

So, yeah, the 28 year old Australian who’s spent her life dreaming of being a pro wrestler is understandably ticked off she’s healthy and not being used on television.

But are Tweets like these during the July 17 Raw the right way to deal with it?

We’ll let you be the judge.

Is Emma right to be angry? Will expressing that in this way lead to any changes for her? Is this in-character? Does that make a difference?