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Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle inspire a wave of pro wrestlers revealing their secret father/son relationship

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Everyone knew Raw’s reveal that Jason Jordan was Kurt Angle’s long-lost kayfabe son from a relationship he had in college would get a reaction from the WWE Universe and the wrestling community.

But who knew it would spawn a wave of similar revelations? Turns out Kurt and JJ aren’t the only wrestling father/son(s) connections we’ve been cluelessly watching for years.

Over on SmackDown, it looks like Jordan’s (former?) tag partner is also working for his pops...

And it looks like it’s just a matter of time before the NXT General Manager’s kid or kids come forward:

Pretty sure Lucha Underground’s Vinnie Massaro is on the case:

Meanwhile a question from a fan inspired AJ Styles to reveal a now cross-promotional relationship many of us have long suspected. And The Young Bucks took time out from trying to convince the world the “F” in #FTR doesn’t stand for “forever” to confirm...

Wrestling is the best.

UPDATE: This is probably just wishful thinking, but I’m wishing for it too, Scott!

Wrestling is still the best. No need to update that.