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Report: Talking Smack was cancelled by Vince McMahon, who was ‘unhappy’ with the show

It hurt that WWE cancelled Talking Smack — and really hurt those who weren’t even informed about it until news broke and it made the rounds on social media — but if it was because of low viewership, as indicated by the company statement, it’s understandable.

According to a new report from, however, that’s not why it was canned.

It wasn’t low viewership, it was, perhaps not surprisingly, Vince McMahon. SI notes that McMahon was at television this past week and was “unhappy with the show and strongly believed it did not serve the company’s best interests.” The fact that it was unscripted was also an issue.

Worse yet, the report indicates the show, which was cancelled as a weekly program but will still air after pay-per-views for the time being, will eventually go away altogether.

This is a real bummer.

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