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Guys, Sasha Banks thinks you hate Roman Reigns cause you’re jealous of him

The Boss missed out on attending the Mae Young Classic tapings this week while doing press in Australia. Which, bummer for Sasha Banks, but bully for her fans who like lots of clips of her doing media appearances!

On one such appearance at the Victoria Zoo (video of which is here, but I apologize - I was unable to track down the original source for this. If anyone knows it, comment below and we’ll update the post), she was interviewed and asked “who is currently the best male wrestler on the roster?”

Not wanting to be put totally on the spot, Banks gives a top three. But her first answer might not please haters who hate their lives:

Roman Reigns. Whether you guys love him, boo him, hate him - I think all the guys are jealous of him. He is an incredible athlete. He’s one to watch. He does it and kills it every single week.

Now, Sasha’s love of The Big Dog is well documented. And even if you’re not in The Roman Empire, her next two answers should remove any doubt she’s a “fake” wrestling fan who’s just politicking:

Of course, I have to say Cesaro. I watch his stuff and I go, “How do you think of that?” He’s so strong...

Let me choose someone on SmackDown... of course, AJ Styles. He is legit phenomenal, I’m just like in awe every time I see him wrestle. He’s so sweet... he’s my Uncle Allen. What’s up, Unc? You good?

There you go. Now us fellas can be jealous of all three men, since they have the love of a Legit Boss.

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