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I don’t think WWE told Renee Young Talking Smack was cancelled as a weekly program

News broke earlier today that WWE cancelled Talking Smack as a weekly program airing after 205 Live on the Network. It will still air following SmackDown Live pay-per-view events but that’s the extent of it.

While that’s unfortunate, if the show wasn’t garnering enough viewers to justify its existence, well, that’s just a sad reality and it’s hard to blame the company for making a business decision. We can absolutely blame them for not telling the host of the change before it hit social media and she had to find out that way:

Followed by retweeting this:

And favoriting a tweet about WWE jerking her around this year.

But you can always count on Big E to keep it light:

She ended it classy, though:

We’re bummed too, because that show was great.

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