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Sami Zayn is raising money to help people in Syria, and you should donate

One of WWE’s best proves his quality once more.

WWE Superstar Sami Zayn

Most people on their birthday want a few simple things: drinks or dinner with friends, a cake perhaps, maybe a small present here or there.

Yesterday, July 12, was Sami Zayn’s 33rd birthday, but he once again proved his “good guy” bonafides by using the day to launch an online fundraising campaign to provide medical care for victims of the war in Syria. Zayn, Syrian-Canadian himself, explained in a video message that it’s a cause very near and dear to his heart—as it should be to all of ours.

Since it began in 2011 the ghastly war in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands and left over 10 million displaced throughout that country, the entire region of the Middle East, and the world at large. As always in war, the vast majority of the victims of the fighting are non-combatants, who are forgotten by much of the outside world.

As Zayn notes in the video clip, the donations will go toward funding a mobile medical clinic to help reach the huge number of Syrians who are unable to access healthcare facilities.

Seth Rollins weighed in on Twitter to endorse the campaign:

It’s a worthy cause advanced by one of WWE’s worthiest heroes. Almost certainly Zayn will take no credit himself, but it’s worth acknowledging that he’s using his platform to do good in the world—and it should be applauded.

Donate here.

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