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John Cena turned heel 10 years ago, could beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania and is very good at the internets

John Cena’s promotional work for American Grit season two was, as my boss would say, very good. Especially his web videos done for Condé Nast publications, such as the one above for GQ.

We’ve already shared the Vanity Fair clip of Cena’s smart-ass (and often genital-centric) answers to questions from New Yorkers who didn’t know what celebrity they were “interviewing”. Now, he’s jumping on websites and social media to repond to Cena-related topics in this “Actually Me” video.

It produces some comedic gems and takes bound to get the wrestling internet riled up like:

Why is he the highest paid wrestler in WWE:

That’s false. I think the question here is - “Why isn’t John Cena the highest paid wrestler in the WWE?” Hmmmm?

Why he never turned heel:

This is some inside baseball. A “heel” is a bad person or a person that is unliked by the audience. Oftentimes, I run out onto our well-produced stage to thunderous boos, and my theme song has been remixed by our audience many times. And I quote, “John Cena sucks.” Soooo, I turned heel, you missed it. It happened… just about ten years ago.

Is he more handsome than Randy Orton:

The answer is Randy Orton. I mean, he’s got the sleeve tattoos. And he’s like got that bad boy thing going on.

Would he have beaten Undertaker in a match at WrestleMania:

We haven’t had it, so I can definitely say I can beat him. So I would’ve won. Certainly.

There’s also a nice anecdote about his dog tags (since he doesn’t have tattoos, the tags have the names of family members and others dear to him - like “Nicole” - as a way to keep them close to him on the road), and a response to a drawing posted on reddit that made me laugh out loud.

Check it out.

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