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The Miz and Tye Dillinger’s Twitter feud gets personal

Intercontinental champion The Miz and SmackDown’s Tye Dillinger have never let being on different brands stop them from jawing at one another.

Back when the A-Lister and the title were still on Tuesday nights, and before the Perfect Ten was called up to the main roster or had even made his surprise Royal Rumble appearance this past January, they were beefing online.

Things have escalated this week, however, starting with Dillinger commenting on Miz’s successful title defense against Dean Ambrose at Great Balls of Fire:

And then today (July 11) they just got nasty:

Uh... that’s not PG. It’s funny, but it’s not PG.

Don’t expect that one Cathy Kelley’s YouTube show. Our own caitlynah12’s Social Slam, however? Cageside has no such restrictions.

Update: Of course, Miz has a retort. You come at the King, etc, etc...

Update II: Tye should have quit while he was... less far behind:

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