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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (July 10, 2017): No going blows

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This week's episode of Monday Night Raw was a one segment show, because by the end of the night there was only one segment that really and truly mattered.

Where the big boys play

Oh my god, this segment.

Roman Reigns justifying his attempted murder of Braun Strowman by pointing out that Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman were all around for the Attitude Era is maybe the dumbest thing I've ever heard but it set the tone for what was a SUPER Attitude Era segment. So much of what was said and done here made very little sense in the grander scheme of things.

And it didn't matter.

It didn't matter because everyone in the ring felt like an honest to goodness STAR.

They felt, I'm just going to go ahead and use the damn word, REAL. It was like watching three big badass brawlers at a bar talking trash to each other and sitting off in the corner sipping a beer just waiting for the shit to go down. Every single time they got anywhere close to each other, your heart couldn't help but speed up, your adrenaline kicking in anticipation for glorious violence to erupt.

Lesnar was out there throwing the word "shit" around with no regard for cable television, Reigns was literally asking for a title shot because he tried to kill a guy, and Joe was out there ready to fight anyone and everyone. Kurt Angle's attempts at keeping control may have been the best part of the segment, with his frantic "I HAVE AN IDEA" plea before Joe and Reigns came to blows perhaps the greatest delivery of a single sentence in the history of Raw.

There wasn't much logic to be found here. Both of the guys demanding a title shot here lost their last matches and the one guy who didn't, who deserves a title shot the most, Braun Strowman, was nowhere to be found. Angle, lost as he was in how to deal with any of this, couldn't even tell us where he was.

Which means he's definitely interfering in the Reigns vs. Joe top contender match next week.


Let's hope for a Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam and it will be a most violent war of attrition that we'll all be better off for having witnessed.

The phone call: Speaking of Angle and all his problems, he's convinced someone he loves to come to Raw next week to just admit whatever the hell is going on to the world and whatever will be will be. There are many theories floating around, that it's Dixie Carter being the worst of them. I will literally quit recapping this show if she shows up. Beyond that, they've done a great job building intrigue for yet another reveal.

Casshole: Big Cass has hugely improved in his promos and he was once again great here pushing Enzo off to the side so he can move on to bigger and better things. Literally! I like that they're moving into a program with Big Show because, well, that makes the most sense, right? He accused Show and was a real casshole, so Big is back to handle it. Easy peasy, and it feels right.

The Mizzies: This was fun, until Dean Ambrose showed up. But, hey, at least it seems they're transitioning into a Miz vs. Seth Rollins program -- hey, Bray Wyatt actually won a fued, I think! -- and Ambrose even remembered that he's still kinda mad at Rollins. We're probably looking at some sort of 3-on-2 drawn out thing for a minute but if it gets us to Miz-Rollins and away from Miz-Ambrose once and for all, I'm for it.

Goldust def. R-Truth: I don't care about this and neither do you. No, really, it's okay to admit it.

Bayley & Boss beat Bliss & Jax: This was good for what it was but I'm wondering if they aren't going back to the Bayley-Banks well too often? What's the idea with Bayley getting the win on an assist from Banks while Nia is teaming with the champ when she deserves a title shot of her own? It's likely this is headed for a 4-Way at SummerSlam (remember, gotta fit everyone on the card), and that's fine.

Balor def. Samson: Isn't it weird that Finn is nowhere near the Universal title picture right now? Not that I haven't enjoyed The Drifter annoying him and getting beat up for it, but it's real confusing how they're handling Balor right now.

BREAK: We're to a point where every time the Hardy Men are on TV, we're looking for any little sign they may break and revert back to the most interesting characters they've ever been, Broken Matt and Brother Nero. This week, they straight out looked us in the face and said "it's coming, just keep being patient." Matt is slowly but surely making it less and less and Jeff is using old catchphrases in promos. It's happening. My hope is Matt will just start eating someone and half the crowd -- who don't watch TNA and aren't the hardcore fan who would know better -- is horrified and unsure how to react.

A fine show!

Grade: B+

Your turn.