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WWE 205 Live results (July 11, 2017): Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander - I Quit match

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live in its regular Tuesday night at 10PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Now that we know why they dropped Jack Gallager’s “loose affiliation” with Austin Aries, we can get on to the business of putting something else in the past - namely the long running feud/love triangle between Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar & Alicia Fox. This program has spanned both sides of an injury to Alexander, Foxy aligning herself with both men and, of late, a whole lot of FaceTime. It’s had its moments, but it’s time to move on... for all involved.

Plus, Titus O’Neil is working to get Akira Tozawa a rematch against Neville, and we’ll probably get more from Gentleman Jack’s new rivalry with The England-hating Brian Kendrick.

We'll post match results here, and most importantly, this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- Titus O’Neil gives Akira Tozawa a pep talk via speaker-phone. He starts to tell him about Titus Worldwide’s negotiations for a rematch against Neville for the Cruiserweight title when Ariya Daivari walks in. He hangs up on O’Neil, then gives Tozawa a lecture on the history of Iranian wrestling. Daivari says the greats of Iran would never resort to low blows like Akira did on Raw, and questions his honor. Tozawa says to never question his honor, and Ariya says they’re next!

- Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us and discuss whether Tozawa deserves a rematch. They hype the main event and then it’s time for our opener.

- Akira Tozawa def. Ariya Daivari via disqualification when Neville appears to destroy Tozawa before he can attempt his top rope senton. He whips him into the barricade, then kicks his elbow and locks in Rings of Saturn, refusing to release the hold. Graves and Joseph talk about his plan being to eliminate Akira before he can even get his rematch.

- Flashback to Drew Gulak losing to Mustafa Ali after attempting a maneuver from the top rope. We then get a “press conference” from Gulak on the ‘tron. He was climbing to get a better view of the match and gave into a moment of weakness. That allowed Ali to tie their series at 2 - 2, so next week he challenges Mustafa to a feud-ending 2-out-of-3 falls match to determine whether the future of 205 Live will be Drew’s ground-based, family-friendly wrestling or Ali’s high-flying showboating.

- Video package focused on Rich Swann trying to motivate heel TJP to be babyface TJ Perkins again, and their main event from last week (won by Swann and sealed with a reluctant handshake)

- Before Swann’s match against a local wrestler can start, Perkins music hits and he comes down to sit at the commentary desk to scout the match

- Rich Swann def. Mario Connors via pinfall following a Phoenix Splash (and a surprisingly hard fought match)

- TJ on the microphone, asking if Rich is happy with his performance. He says he expected more from someone who was able to beat him last week, and that if he wrestled “this guy”, he’d beat him in half the time. That gives Perkins an idea - he’s giving Connors a second chance, against the first ever Cruiserweight champion. Mario agrees, and TJP gets production to put Swann’s time on the ‘tron for a Beat the Clock challenge. He says he can beat Connors “waaay” quicker than Rich’s 3:49.

- TJP def. Mario Connors via pinfall following a Disaster Kick after 28 seconds (he kicked Connors knee out a the bell, then almost got rolled up on a knee bar attempt before ending it); then dabs on Rich and the world.

- The Brian Kendrick is out in his British Gentleman cosplay. He says Jack Gallagher isn’t “unconventional”, he’s a clown... a third-rate William Regal. Kendrick has had to work hard to get to where he is, to re-invest in himself to get back to WWE. Gallagher hasn’t had to put in hard work because we like to laugh at the clown. Jack’s music hits to cut TBK off. He couldn’t listen to Kendrick question his work ethic. Jack says he’s been fighting since he was 16, but he wants to congratulate Brian on his second chance... seeing as he squandered his first one being a passive aggressive git. Jack is willing to be unconventional, and fight for everyone in the WWE Universe who wants to be a little different. If Kendrick wants to question Gallagher her again, they’re gonna fight... and then they do! Jack gets the best of the exchange and ends it with a headbutt which sends Brian to the floor, but TBK grabs Gallagher’s umbrella, rolls in and destroys Jack with it until referees break it up. The two men glare at each other as Kendrick leaves.

- Ali has accepted Gulak’s challenge, so next week’s main event is set!

- Recap video of the Dar/Fox romance, and their feud with Cedric

- Cedric Alexander def. Noam Dar in their I Quit match after Alexander traps Noam’s hand (targeted throughout) in a steel chair and stomps on it until he yields

- Afterwards, Dar gets a mic and says he not only quits feuding with Cedric, he also quits Alicia Fox. Noam says if she thought he was really into her, she’s as stupid as she looks. He’s the youngest Superstar on the Raw roster, did she really think he didn’t have a woman in every city? He used Alicia to get noticed in WWE and now he’s done with her. Foxy breaks down in tears as Noam tells her she means nothing to him and leaves.

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