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The Revival return to action, contribute to the breaking of the Hardyz

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While it pains me, a giant Dash & Dawson fan, to write this, the return of The Revival on the July 10 episode of Raw may not have been the most important thing about the segment it capped off.

That’s because by the time the two-time NXT tag champs hit the ring to decimate Matt & Jeff Hardy, the brothers had already lost to Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows... and that after a promo which featured A LOT of references to their “Broken” gimmick.

The use of the Broken Matt & Brother Nero characters, associated catch phrases and other elements of that intellectual property’s been the focus of an ownership battle between the Hardys and the new owner of their previous promotion. But recent rumors indicated they might be close to a settlement with Anthem Entertainment.

Whether a deal is close, or WWE and the Boyz are just toying with our emotions because that rumor is out there... who knows? But from Jeff singing that he and Matt won’t be “fading away and classifying themselves as OBSOLETE” to his brother issuing a “PROCLAMATION”, they were laying it on thick tonight.

Plus, if they are about to introduce the Broken Universe into WWE kayfabe, they might do it on with a losing streak gimmick, right? And after a tough loss to tag champs Cesaro & Sheamus in an Iron Man match last night at Great Balls of Fire, Matt needed stitches to close a gash above his eye - and now they lost to the Good Brothers and had their asses kicked by Dash & Dawson in short order.

Sounds like a good way for the Seven Dieties to break Matt’s vessel in order to release another aspect of his being, no?

And no matter, Dash Wilder is back in action after being sidelined with a broken jaw, so... SAY YEAH!