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The WWE Universe doesn’t think Roman Reigns turned heel at Great Balls of Fire

The aftermath of Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman’s ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire last night (July 9) has the internet wrestling community buzzing this morning.

Does responding to a clean loss by trying to murder your opponent make you a heel?

How about refusing medical attention while management and the announce team express concern about your well being... does that signal an official babyface turn?

WWE’s website got in on the conversation - at least part of it - by asking fans if Reigns went too far when he loaded Braun in the back of the ambulance and backed it full speed into a trailer.

And it appears the majority of visitors to either accept vehicular manslaughter as fair game in pro wrestling’s twisted morality, they’re card-carrying members of the Roman Empire, or both...

Technically, the way this poll words its choices, 69 (hehe - what? you type Great Balls of Fire multiple times a day for weeks and try not turning into a 12 year old) percent of respondents are more in the “two wrongs make a right” camp than the “Roman is a hero and a role model” one. And voting the Big Dog should have “kept his cool” doesn’t mean you now label him a villian.

But as fans debate the role of character alignment in 21st century pro wrestling, Reigns status as a not-good-or-bad Guy and what all this means for future stories, this result is an interesting discussion point.

So discuss, Cagesiders.

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