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Chris Jericho calls Japan tour ‘last hurrah for WWE’ for this run

"I took the whole year, 2016, away from Fozzy to come to the WWE. Had a great time, one of the best runs of my career, and then it was time to go back to the band and focus on music for a while. So this was kind of like the last hurrah for the WWE for this time, this run, but once again I can't pass up a trip to Japan, because I love Japan so much. But it was a job well done and I feel like I can take off the boots and go back to music for a while knowing I left on a really high note."

Jericho’s return for the overseas tour was just that, simply for that small run of shows, and he’s going back to doing business with his band, Fozzy, who are enjoying great success with the hit single “Judas.” We’ll miss him, of course, but that song does rule.

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