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Prince Wolfgang debuts for House Hardy

Actually, we’re not sure what title Queen Rebecca and Broken Matt have bestoyed on their newest scion, but King Maxel’s brother was recently born. Both of the proud parents Tweeted about the news early this morning (June 9), including a picture from mom:

Word is the Hardy Boyz were taking time off from their WWE schedules so Matt could be in North Carolina for Wolfie’s arrival. No one’s mentioned how long he might remain out to enjoy this DELIGHTFUL addition to his brood.

Regardless, please join us in sending our best wishes to the whole family.

Now who wants to start a pool on when Wolfgang X will pick up his first offical pinfall victory? Be sure to offer prop bets on things like whether he’s younger than his big brother was when he pinned Rockstar Spud at Total Nonstop Deletion.

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