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Road Dogg names Asuka, Bobby Roode, Authors of Pain as NXT stars he wants on SmackDown Live

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Road Dogg was a guest on his old friend X-Pac podcast, “X-Pac 12360,” recently and was asked about what NXT stars he would like to see on SmackDown Live. It should come as no surprise the names he listed.

They’re all current champions.

"I would love to have Asuka. I think she is a huge star down at NXT and I think she can be an even huger star at the next level. So I'd love to have her. I love Bobby Roode as a human being, known him for years in TNA and nowhere. You know, it's weird to say, but AJ Styles is just getting better and better so I'm really really glad to have gotten him and to have kept him… I like those Authors of Pain they're a big young group of guys really willing to learn and willing to perform and they're just getting better and better they're instincts are good they're timing is good for a couple of big dudes. It seems like everyone down there (NXT) is doing really well. You know I was really glad to get Tye Dillinger, he's a great guy."

That would gut the NXT roster at a time when it’s already in a state of flux. Asuka has been rumored to be getting a call up for months now but Roode could very well be a lifelong NXT star. The Authors of Pain, meanwhile, have real potential as a main roster tag team, one you could easily see Vince McMahon falling in love with.

Which NXT stars would you want on SmackDown Live, Cagesiders?